tForm solutions are: Innovative.Cost Saving.Custom.Convenient.Environmentally Conscious.

The founders of tForm recognized a need for low-to-mid volume custom thermoformed packaging in an industry unwilling to evolve to support the development of new designs and practices. tForm employs revolutionary software technology, advanced CAD and 3D modeling capability, state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment, proprietary mold designs, and lean manufacturing techniques to deliver optimized packaging solutions while significantly reducing lead times. Our goal is to give a hassle free and fast custom solution for thermoformed packaging that all starts with a guaranteed less than 24 hour quoting process.

As a plastics company, we know it is our responsibility to both understand and provide education surrounding the impact that plastics can have on the environment. We actively work to reduce environmental impact through each step of production, materials choices, and even the packaging in which our products arrive at your door. From the coolant used in our CNC machines, to utilizing the most easily recycled plastics whenever possible, we strive to ensure that our products and manufacturing techniques have minimal environmental impact and are easy to recycle or reuse at the end of their lifecycle.

Stock Shipping Trays

We produce a variety of stock shipping tray solutions to fit your every need. This is ideal if you do not need a fully custom solution or require only a very low volume. Both Industrial and Medical grade trays are always available and are easy to purchase through our online store!

All of our stock tray solutions for both industrial and medical applications are made from RPET (Recycled PET) and PX material, respectively. These materials offer an excellent combination of strength, clarity, and price point. Also, all of our stock trays are easily curbside recyclable, with a recycling resin code # 1.

Custom Plastic Packaging - The tForm Advantage

Custom packaging is our specialty. With in-house design, tooling, and flexible production capabilities, we have the ability to work with you to deliver a fully customized solution at a competitive price for even the lowest order volumes.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that our customers need their packaging on time in order to meet their commitments to their customers. tForm keeps standard materials in stock to assure that we can go from concept to finished packaging quickly and with no excuses.

Design & Engineering

tForm employs a team of designers, engineers, and process specialists who thrive on assisting our customers in the development of optimal package solutions. We offer these services FREE to help you get through the design phase quickly and completely.

Tool Manufacturing

tForm has state of the art CAD / CAM and CNC machining equipment in house that turns your concept into a mold with speed and precision. With 100% mold and first article part inspection tForm strives to deliver quality parts that meet our rigorous standards and your specifications.

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